IP Network & Video Surveillance


IP Network & Video Surveillance

Over the years, we have partnered and trained our technicians in different IP Network & Video Surveillance world class systems. Our solutions allows for remote viewing and management of the surveillance system from any location with internet access.

An IP surveillance system includes the following components: -IP cameras: digital cameras that capture video footage and convert it into digital data that can be transmitted over a network. -Network infrastructure: includes routers, switches, and other networking equipment used to transmit the video data over the network. -Storage: a network-attached storage (NAS) or a video management software (VMS) to store and manage the video footage. -Management software: allows for remote access and management of the surveillance system, including live viewing and playback of footage, as well as setting up alarms and notifications.

Our IP network video surveillance solution offers several advantages over traditional analog systems, such as better image quality, remote access and management, scalability, and integration with other systems like access control and alarm systems. IP network video surveillance can be used for various purposes such as: -Security: monitoring of buildings and facilities to detect and deter criminal activity. -Traffic monitoring: monitoring of roads and highways to monitor traffic flow and improve traffic management. -Retail: monitoring of retail stores to improve customer service and reduce shrinkage. -Industrial: monitoring of industrial plants and equipment to improve safety and efficiency.

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