Structured Network Cabling


Structured Network Cabling

Our Structured network cabling certified, licensed and experienced technicians help to design and install standardized cabling system that is used to support various network protocols and technologies.

Our unique method of organizing and managing the cables in a building or campus to make it easier to add, move or change devices or services. The standard for structured cabling systems is TIA/EIA-568-B, which defines the specifications for different types of cables, connectors, and patch panels used in the system.

Our structured cabling system includes the following components: -Horizontal cabling: the cable runs between the telecommunications closet (TC) and the wall outlet. -Vertical cabling: the cable runs between the TC and the main cross-connect. -Work area components includes the outlets, patch cords and connecting hardware located at the work area. -Telecommunications room components: includes the main cross-connect, equipment and cable management. -Backbone cabling: the cable runs between the TCs. The main benefits of structured cabling include improved network performance, scalability, flexibility, and easy troubleshooting.

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