IT Equipment maintenance


IT Equipment maintenance

Wall-Teq’s IT equipment maintenance routine helps our clients with the upkeep and servicing of technology equipment and systems used in an organization. This can include tasks such as software updates, backups, hardware cleaning, and replacement of worn or broken parts. The goal of IT equipment maintenance routine is to ensure that technology is functioning properly and to prevent costly downtime or equipment failure.

We have different types of Maintenance Service Level Agreements and Service

 -Preventive maintenance: scheduled maintenance activities performed on a regular basis to prevent equipment failure. -Corrective maintenance: repairs and troubleshooting performed on equipment that has failed or is not functioning properly.

Predictive maintenance: maintenance activities performed based on data and analysis to predict and prevent equipment failure.

It is important to note that, effective IT equipment maintenance requires a well-planned maintenance schedule, regular monitoring, and documentation of all maintenance activities. It is important to have a good inventory of all equipment and software, as well as a record of warranty expiry dates, maintenance schedules, and service histories.

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